Can I get legal aid in Family Law?


For complicated legal proceedings, the provision of Legal Aid stands as a crucial lifeline, ensuring that individuals can access the justice they deserve. With the enactment of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO 2012) in 2013, the landscape of legal aid entitlement within family law matters has undergone a transformation. […]

What is a Child Arrangements Order?

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When family dynamics intersect with legal difficulties, a vital tool known as a Child Arrangements Order takes centre stage. At Haris Law Solicitors, we are committed to shedding light on the significance of these orders, providing you with a clear understanding of their essence. A Child Arrangements Order, granted by the court, serves as a […]

Tips for co-parenting through the summer holidays

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The extended school summer break has arrived, and if you and your former partner are facing challenges in reaching a mutual agreement on scheduling, rest assured that many others share similar experiences. Co-parenting during the school holidays can prove to be a demanding endeavor for any family, especially in the aftermath of a divorce or […]

What is Parental Responsibility and how it is obtained?

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The concept of Parental Responsibility plays a vital role in defining the rights, duties, and authority of parents over their children and property. It encompasses the legal obligations parents have towards their kids, as well as their decision-making powers that impact their lives. This comprehensive guide will explore various aspects of Parental Responsibility, including its […]

How do I deal with post separation loneliness?

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At Haris Law Solicitors, we understand that loneliness can impact anyone, regardless of their circumstances. Whether you find yourself alone or in the company of others, the causes of loneliness can vary significantly. Nonetheless, it is crucial to address persistent or long-term loneliness as it can have a profound effect on our mental well-being. Following […]

What is Tech Abuse?

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Tech abuse or otherwise known as digital abuse involves the deliberate utilisation of digital technology and devices to manipulate, control, threaten, or cause harm to individuals. It encompasses various detrimental and negative behaviours carried out through digital devices, networks, or services. At Haris Law Solicitors, we wholeheartedly recognise the seriousness of tech abuse and the […]

Can the Court stop my ex partner from making multiple children applications?

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In family disagreements, there are situations where the court may use Section 91(14) of the Children Act 1989. This rule allows the court to restrict further applications, which means that a person who wants to make another application needs to get permission from the court first. This is often used when the court proceedings have […]

How are assets divided in a shorter marriage?

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When it comes to divorce, the duration of a couple’s marriage can significantly influence the financial settlements they may receive. However, there are no fixed rules or formulas dictating how assets should be divided. While the court generally starts with an equal split, they will also consider various factors that might warrant a deviation from […]

Discovering a previously unknown child: What are my legal rights?

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Discovering that you have a child you were previously unaware of can be a life-altering experience. At Haris Law Solicitors, our team of experts is here to guide you through the intricate legal landscape surrounding parental responsibility, contact, and the factors considered by the court primarily under the Children Act 1989. Parental responsibility encompasses a […]

Do I need a cohabitation agreement?

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Cohabitation agreements are written documents that outline how existing and future assets will be owned, who will be responsible for utilities and outgoings, and how finances will be divided if a couple decides to separate. Although it may seem unromantic to discuss finances, having a Cohabitation Agreement in place can actually strengthen a relationship by […]