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Family Court fees on the rise

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Significant changes in Family Court fees are set to take effect in May 2024. These revisions, aligned with the Government’s proposal for potential increases of up to 10% across all court and tribunal fees, mark a crucial step in ensuring continued access to justice for individuals seeking legal redress.

The Ministry of Justice emphasizes the necessity of these fee adjustments, projecting an annual revenue boost ranging from £34 million to £42 million. This infusion of funds is aimed at bolstering court resources and enhancing operational capabilities.

It’s pertinent to note that court fees have remained stagnant since 2021. Consequently, these impending adjustments are essential to keep pace with rising operational expenses, elevate service standards, and mitigate the financial burden on taxpayers. Additionally, the increased revenue will facilitate subsidizing the costs associated with offering free services within the family court system.

Key changes on the horizon include modifications to fees associated with divorce or civil partnership dissolution proceedings, as well as increases in fees for child arrangements orders, non-consensual financial orders, and parental order applications.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the anticipated changes:

• Child arrangements orders, delineating parental responsibilities concerning children’s living arrangements and contact, will witness a fee increase from £232 to £255.

• Similarly, other child-related orders such as Specific Issue Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, and Special Guardianship Orders, alongside applications for parental orders, will undergo analogous fee adjustments.

• The fee for applying for adoption or seeking permission to apply for adoption will rise from £183 to £201.

• Non-consensual financial order applications will see a fee increase from £275 to £303.

• Furthermore, the fee for financial consent orders will ascend from £53 to £58.

It’s imperative to highlight that the fee for divorce or civil partnership dissolution applications will remain unaltered.

For a comprehensive overview of all fee changes, we encourage you to visit the Government website:

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