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Legal Aid

Haris Law Solicitors is here to swiftly provide emergency Legal Aid, ensuring immediate access to the court on the same day if needed. Legal aid can assist in covering the costs of legal advice and representation.

In certain instances, legal aid is available at no cost. If your income is modest but not quite low enough, you might be required to make a regular contribution towards the expenses.

Your employment status or benefits situation does not impact your potential eligibility for public funding. Contact us today to determine if you qualify.

Our extensive Legal Aid services encompass all aspects of family disputes. In specific cases, proof of domestic or child abuse may be essential to secure Legal Aid.

Am I eligible for Legal Aid? Legal Aid remains accessible to offer guidance and support in situations involving domestic abuse. This includes matters like warning letters, injunctions, and protection orders for forced marriages. It’s crucial to note that eligibility for Legal Aid hinges on income and capital requirements. The legal aid eligibility calculator can be accessed here (

If you believe you meet the criteria for legal aid, kindly bring recent bank statements from the past three months and valid identification to your consultation. Recent bank statements are vital.

Furthermore, legal aid is also applicable to most disputes between parents or extended family members, such as disagreements over child custody and visitation. It is also available for financial disputes during divorce. If you can provide proof of a history of domestic abuse (referred to as “gateway evidence”), you may be eligible. This evidence includes:

  • An ex-partner’s arrest connected to a relevant domestic violence offense
  • A relevant caution issued for a domestic violence offense
  • A conviction related to a domestic violence offense
  • Bind overs tied to domestic violence offenses
  • Domestic violence protection notices or orders

You also have the option to provide this evidence through:

  • Protective injunctions or restraining orders
  • Undertakings as alternatives to protective injunctions
  • Court findings that establish facts
  • Reports from qualified health professionals
  • Referrals to domestic violence support services

If you can provide any of the above evidence and meet the income and capital requirements, you should qualify for legal aid concerning child, divorce, and financial matters. Additionally, if you suspect physical or sexual child abuse involving your ex-partner, you may still be eligible for legal aid.

For further exploration of these matters, please call us at 01254 461461 to arrange a free 30 minute consultation and a free legal aid assessment either at our offices or remotely.

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